Causes of Foundation Failure

Residential Foundation Issues

Hot dry wind and intense heat will often cause the soil to shrink beneath the foundation. This settlement may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.

2. TRANSPIRATION: Tree roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.

3. PLUMBING LEAKS: Water from plumbing leaks is often a cause of foundation problems

4. DRAINAGE: Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. Excess moisture will erode or consolidate soils and cause settlement.

5. INFERIOR FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION: Insufficient steel and inferior concrete will contribute to movement in the slab.

6. INFERIOR GROUND PREPARATION: Soft, low density soils and/or improperly compacted soil beneath a home is the leading cause of foundation failure. Cut and fill situations should be properly prepared before the soil is ready to support a structure.

7. POOR SOIL CONDITIONS: Poor soil and its expansion and/or contraction contribute to foundation failure.

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